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Types of Ads to click to Earn Refback Commissions
Hello Members !

Many members are confused about which type of Ads to click on a site to earn Refback at Refbankers So, we have made this table to help those members.
All the listed sites in Refbankers with the type of Ads to click on a particular site to earn Refback commission is listed below.
The below data may or may not be 100% correct but we did our best, if you find any mistakes then please contact us so that we can correct them. And this table will be updated weekly.

Site Name             Type of Advertisement

Randombux         Extended Ads
InPTC                   Standard and Exclusive Ads
Pikabux                Fixed Advertisements
GigaPoint              All Ads
Vertsador              VertsAdor Ads
FxBux                   All Ads
Smybux                Daily Ads, Fixed Ads
AroBux                  Standard Ads
WinnerClix             All Ads except Sticky Ads
QuestGPT              QuestGpt Ads, Fixed, Standard and Extended Ads
HqClix                    Standard Ads
LuxPaid                 Mini Standard Ads
HitClickFlow            Daily Ads
GrandBux              Fixed Advertisements
PlanetClix               Planet Ads
DimondClix             All Ads
GreatPTC                All Ads
ClixHunter              Standard, Extended, Macro and Micro Ads
TrafficHirricane        All Cash Links
ClixUnion                Standard Ads
Cliquesteria             Standard Ads
RBux                      Fixed Ads
Mayaclix                  Fixed Ads
ZenAdvert              All Ads
DollarClix                All Ads
MateBux                 All Ads
BuxInside               Fixed Advertisements
GuruClix                 Standard Advertisements
GptPlanet               All Ads
MinuteWage           All works(All Ads)
Cliquebook             Standard and Extended Ads      
Ptc1                       Standard Ads
ExpressWage         All types of Ads    
heedyou                All kinds of Ads
BTCclicks                All Ads
ClixSense                Regular and Sticky Ads, Tasks, Surveys
Paidverts                Paid Ads
Buxvertise              Buxvertise and Fixed Ads  
Grandclick              Standard Ads or maybe Fixed Ads too
ClixTen                   Standard and Extended Ads
Neobux                  Fixed(Orange color only), Standard and Extended Ads
Juicybux                Extended and Standard Ads
Grandmonopoly     Standard and Fixed Ads
CashTravel             All Ads
SuccessBux           All Ads
NorthClicks             All Ads
ScarletClicks           Fixed Ads, Tiny Ads

*Orange Color Indicates - We are not Sure

Recommended sites as of 18 Jan 2017:  GrandBux, CliqueBook, Cliquesteria, BuxInside, MateBux, HitClickFlow, Neobux, HeedYou, ClixSense

Below table represents a list of very trusted sites for which we offer Fixed refbacks. So we recommend you to stay active on all these sites.

[Image: SjAgl5b.png]

Please reply below for any kinds doubts or if you found any mistake in the above data !
Best Regards.
do you have to only click those or can you click all if you wish?
You can click all ads.
Those are just mandatory ads required to be clicked to make your upline earn.
Best Regards.
Admin if I can't click on a standard ads will i not paid here for clicking other ads example nano or micro?
(11-25-2015, 04:01 AM)Eliena Wrote:  Admin if I can't click on a standard ads will i not paid here for clicking other ads example nano or micro?

You will get paid but you will not receive refback for those ads.
Best Regards.
Ohh I see thank you I guess I can't do anything about that because I'm a free member I don't have enough money to upgrade

Admin Advertzer already become scam so no need to add it in the earn refback commission ads right?
List Was updated Today.
Best Regards.
Admin can I claim my refbankers unclaimed balance once a week or when it already hass many unclaimed balance?
(11-29-2015, 10:49 AM)Eliena Wrote:  Admin can I claim my refbankers unclaimed balance once a week or when it already hass many unclaimed balance?

You can claim your balance any time you want.
Best Regards.
Admin if I click the targeted sits for this week will I be able to earn more faster then now?

admin can I use the same email address and user name?
That I used to sign up with neobux before ?

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