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Full Version: Free Cash Ads
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Earn quick cents¢ with Free Cash Ads!

[Image: EKSUZuB.gif]


Sign-up > Cash Links & Videos > Convert to Ads or Cashout > PayPal

Earn up to $0.0213 per web page visit and $0.16 per YouTube video view.
Free members earn 50% from direct referrals and Priority members 100%.
Minimum cashout for all members is set to $1.00 with no withdrawal fee.
Cash Offers will become available as soon as we receive enough members.


Sign-up > Advertise Link & Video > Enter Details > Send Payment > Ad Listed

Advertise your web links for as low as $0.03 per 100 real visitors.
Advertise your YouTube video for as low as $0.67 per 100 real views.
Target countries, select gender, set daily visits and hide referrer.
It will cost you a minimum amount of $1.25 to place an ad on our site.

[Image: rPUZxvl.png]
We now accept Payza for purchases & Cash Offers available!
Payments are being made:
Lifetime referrals on sale!
We've updated our Service Terms to better suit the services we provide to you:
Aside from PayPal, we now offer cashout via Payza as well!
As usual, no withdrawal fee.