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patclix $200 investment 2.25 12
patclix $200 investment
Here's my investment on patclix

Large pack - $200.00

Extra large Golden Membership (1 yr membership - $85)
500 Rented Referrals ( $125 value)
100 Direct Referrals ($100 value)
500 Paid To Signup Credits
2500000 Banner Ad Credits
5000 Paid To Click Credits

Screen shot of my account

[Image: patclix_account_stats_zpsbqpe4cst.jpg]

Just mins after posting my account stats  Big Grin

[Image: patclix_account_stats_1_zpsd4axnpzx.jpg]
great bro you get quick ROI from patclix
Here's a screen shot of my rental stats. As you can see the rentals clicks are pretty consistent and clicking between 720 - 750 clicks each day. So i'm making $7+ from 500 Rentals as you can see in my $200 investment screen shot which shows my account stats.

[Image: patclix_rental_stats_zpsdkdc6qmv.jpg]
PatClix is really a fast earning site.
Let's hope it will continue to pay long
Best Regards,
Admin -
Congrats buddy, Your motivation for many members, Keep going :-)
Best Regards,
Admin -
here's an update as i just got paid $50 yesterday and now my account is back up over $43+. Now i'm making over $20+ a day

proof of payment yesterday  Wink

[Image: patclix_2nd_payment_updated_zpsl9nf8fak.jpg]

proof of balance in my account today  Big Grin

[Image: patclix_account_stats_2_zpsqaoouehf.jpg]
Here's another update. I just got paid $43.30 today and my account balance is already back up to $20 and it just turned noon Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

[Image: patclix_account_stats_3_zpsorbojcgo.jpg]

today's payment proof

[Image: patclix_3rd_payment_updated_zpsb9tjn39j.jpg] Wink Wink
Just invested another $250 on 1200 rentals which should give me close to earning $50 a day  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: patclix_account_stats_4_special_pack_ren...wryal3.jpg]
Congratulation buddy ... that's a great invest on patclix

I wish I have enough money to do that like you
Just saw someone complain on Patclix about only 70% of rentals are clicking and the AVG has dropped to 1.3.

Here's a sample of what i'm getting and as you can see i'm a lot higher than a 1.3 AVG after extending 1000 rentals.

Also you will notice in some cases i've already made over 60+ cents even and the BEP (break even point) is 60 cents after 60 days. My rentals still have 26 days to go even lol. Wink Wink

[Image: patclix_rental_stats_july_13th_2016_upda...x3pjf2.jpg]
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