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honeybtc - earn bitcoin with honeybtc.com 0 0
honeybtc - earn bitcoin with honeybtc.com
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honeybtc offers:
Weekly Lottery and Big Prizes!
Up to %5 Referral Earning Bonus!
Up to %10 Referral Upgrade Bonus!
Weekly point and referral contest!
0.00200000 BTC Minimum Withdrawal
For Members!
Anti Cheat Protection!
Unique Traffic and Visits!
Cheap Advertising with Low Prices!
100% Unique Visitors!
Progressive Feedbacks!
For Advertisers!
Click link: https://honeybtc.com/home?r=Futurenet1

HoneyBTC reviews and FAQs:

How to earn bitcoin with my bees on honeyBTC?
It's very easy, just register and login your account, then buy a new slot for 30 days and collect bitcoin everyday! You can also collect a lottery ticket every 10 minutes!
How much Bitcoin can I earn?
You can earn 0.00020000 Bitcoin everyday from each of your slot at your account page. If you're a standard member, you can buy up to 6 slots; if you're a Silver member you can buy up to 12 slots; if you're Gold member you can buy up to 18 slots.
 You can also earn 0.00061000 Bitcoin from your Queen Bee slots everyday! You need to be Gold member to buy Queen Bee slot. You can buy up to 18 Queen Bee slot.
 You can also collect a ticket every 10 minutes from your slots and get a chance to earn big prizes at Weekly lotteries!

How much is the minimum cashout?
When your safe reach 0.00200000 BTC, you can cashout your earnings.

When I get my payment?
All payments are instant. When you cashout, you get your payment within a minute!

How much referral can I get?
You can get unlimited direct referrals.

What is the profit of my referrals?
You can see how much bonus you can earn from your referrals by click "Upgrade" button at your Account page.
How much account can I create?
Each user can have only 1 account. Otherwise, accounts get permanently ban.

What is the ROI?
All memberships have a different ROI rates. For example you're a golden member, so your ROI is %400. This mean, if you deposit your account 1 bitcoin, you can cashout up to 4 bitcoin (%400 of your deposit). After you reach your ROI rate, you can deposit 1 btc to your account and cashout +4 btc again. You can see ROI rates for each membership type at "Upgrades" page.

Click link: https://honeybtc.com/home?r=Futurenet1
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