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earn money from SCAM PTC!!! 2 5
earn money from SCAM PTC!!!

Simply promote this URL and watch your earnings grow. The more you promote, the more you earn!
Refer your friends to our site and watch your earnings grow faster. You get paid 20% of what they earn!
Not having any means to promote? No problem! You also get paid $0.000160 per surfed site and $0.000032 for each website surfed by your referrals.

Current pay rates per valid PTP visit:

UNIQUE - $0.000160
NON-UNIQUE 1st $0.000080
NON-UNIQUE 2nd $0.000040
NON-UNIQUE 3rd $0.000020
NON-UNIQUE 4th $0.000010
NON-UNIQUE 5th $0.000005

Instruction for Rotate4all:

1. Need login ptc scam account.
2. Transfer money from main balance in purchase balance.
3. Then buy paid to click ads in advertisa panel.
4. Paste your rotate4all promote link in this campaign.

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