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dimondclix 38 AVG after free recycling 3.4 5
dimondclix 38 AVG after free recycling
The admin of dimondclix offered free recycling after there was an issue with the rentals. As you can see i recycled some rentals as you can see a lot of zeros and I even got 1 rental with a 38 AVG. WOW  Wink  Wink

[Image: dimondclix_rental_avg_with_38_avg_zpsjh8rasta.jpg]

Here's an update. I'm now getting at least 1 rentals with a high 30+ AVG on every page since the free recycling  Big Grin

[Image: dimondclix_rental_avg_with_36_avg_zpssitcqxyj.jpg]

[Image: dimondclix_rental_avg_with_another_36_av...yrxbmn.jpg]

Another update as now i'm getting rentals with a 43+ AVG. It's just under a 44 AVG. WOW WOW WOW  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: dimondclix_rental_AVG_43_zpsxmnpnsai.jpg]
Here's another update as i'm now getting rentals with a 53+ AVG. This is crazy as i'm making over 10+ cents a day from these rentals.

[Image: dimondclix_rental_AVG_53_zpsosakzh3x.jpg]

Here's another update as i just got a rental with a 54 AVG and made 11 cents on the first day. This is incredible Big Grin

[Image: dimondclix_rental_AVG_54_zpsrkdrzjq0.jpg]
Here's more updates as i'm getting huge rental AVG'S now

Here's my biggest one yet. A 71.360 AVG. I made 20 cents on the 1st day from just this rental  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: dimondclix_rental_avg_with_71_avg_nov_21...9lbyuo.jpg]

Here's a 56 AVG  Big Grin

[Image: dimondclix_rental_AVG_56_nov_21st_2016_zpsmaim2sid.jpg]

Here's my highest AVG yet a HUGE 95+ AVG Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

[Image: dimondclix_rental_avg_with_95_avg_nov_22...vszldd.jpg]
Crazy This is just amazing what they did with free recycling Big Grin
[Image: odulpa98620.gif]
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