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delete!! 0 0
hello admin, sorry, but, delete me pls? :Sad  love u
(09-13-2017, 06:54 AM)Great work my friend. I am member of most of them. I joined one under you if that is your ref link. I am actually looking for faucets so I can add to my faucet rotator. Juts makes life a little easier for those who like to surf faucets and do them.If you have anymore just send them to me, just make sure there is no pop ups. If it has pop up it just won\t work on my faucet rotator. Wrote: Hello everyone. For the fact admin wants some BTC opportunities, I bring you some BTC faucets I like! There's like only two of them which have one kinda annoying pop-up each. This list offers the nicest faucets atm. I'll update this thread whenever I find a nice one or when some of them start paying a lot lower than it was when I started. I'll order them by time between claims.
Well, thanks for the time to read and, ENJOYCool
Before the list, make sure u have a FaucetHUB micro-wallet to receive ur payments. If u don't, just click the banner and go for it. Make sure u add ur BTC address there and use that same address on faucets to be able to get paid. 
[Image: 1.gif]
Also, nearly all faucets have seniority bonuses which can escalate faster or slower. #1 faucet has the fastest escalating seniority bonus (when u claim there, click to claim and wait for the page to refresh, then put ur address, solve captcha and claim normally. Little bug but the faucet is really worth it.) 
U can get up to 30% seniority bonus on every claim, every faucet!

#1 BitcoinFaucet. 30min. 24~25k sat/claim. Automatic payout at 800 sat. 20% ref. earnings.
#2 GoldCoinFaucet. 30min. 50~150 sat/claim. Automatic payout at 10k sat. 25% ref. earnings.
#3 MultiCoinFaucet. 30min/33 sat|1h/33~17,4k sat/claim. Manual payout at 50k sat. 35% ref. earnings.
#4 BTCForEveryone. 1h. 18~? (might be about 100k max.). Automatic payout per claim. 10% ref. earnings.
#5 GeekHash. 1h. 10~5k sat/claim. Automatic payout per claim. 10% ref. earnings.
#6 ViralAlert1h. 40~? sat/claim. Automatic payout at 1k sat. 30% ref. earnings.
Nelson Da Silva

[Image: btcking1.jpg]
Thanks for the kind words and for joining, bro. All of them have my ref links. I am always on the watch for new faucets which pays nice and aren't a pain in the a55 regarding popups and all that. BTCForEveryone has a mellowads link, which are annoying as hell, but I keep using it because it can give big claims sometimes... its worth it, u know? But don't worry, all nice faucets I come across I'll add here. Also, feel free to send me ur rotator, I'm sure It'll be nice to use some of them.
i know nice site ,faucethub is the solution of faucets problem
Sure, fam. Make sure u check the faucets I listed! They're very nice.
is there any refback elfz0r.
Unfortunately I can't give refback :{ and if I did it would be such a small amount... If I earn nice from ur address, though, I can gift u some BTC on faucetHUB. ^^
(09-14-2017, 11:20 PM)elfz0r Wrote: Unfortunately I can't give refback :{ and if I did it would be such a small amount... If I earn nice from ur address, though, I can gift u some BTC on faucetHUB. ^^

Added a brand new faucet: MinuteClaimers. This faucet has no minimum time, so u can claim as fast as u can!
up! ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­up! up! up! up!
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