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deleete 0 0
killll meeee

heal meeee
Guys, I managed to make my first potion today! Claim from the faucet turns into 10 satoshi/claim. 

The potion works for 400 claims, meaning u can claim a total 4000 satoshi under its effect! It's not time based but claim based, SO NICE.  Big Grin

Also, min. withdraw dropped to 0.00025. Dungeon prizes dropped a bit too, all because BTC Price is insane right now!

Get in while its hot!  Cool
Had requested my withdraw ages ago. Never had gotten paid.

Today, I woke up to this:
[Image: cp--8rW4SoyJF3CU0Rf4VQ.png]

Even made me consider going back to this faucet!
Whats the link ? Your link takes me to wordlinx.com :|
I don't use PotionCoin anymore. You can join here: potioncoin.com
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