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bitdrive.tech offers outstanding service. Can you agree with me? 0 0
bitdrive.tech offers outstanding service. Can you agree with me?
I think that this is a really good global ride sharing platform. The diversity and application of block chain technology is infinite and we can not emphasize its importance in building busines models.
Bitdrive will be the first Ridesharing platform in the world to have an effective inbuilt insurance mechanism, which will be decentralized.

Bitdrive is a lean outfit that does not bear the baggage of the present ridesharing platform. We have no middlemen, payment gateways, or other wasteful practices and this means better returns for our investor

The global Ridesharing Market is only going one way which is up, and by 2030 this will be a $238 billion market.
 Bitdrive is not aiming for just a share of this cake but wants to disrupt and take away what other ridesharing companies has by providing a better service for the rider, fairer rewards for drivers, and a worthwhile investment option for you the token holder.
They have created and applied it specifically for the vehicle industry using appropriately constructed business model block chain platform. Therefore, certain cryptographic coins / tokens are created to fuel transactions on the platform.
For more info you can visit at www.bitdrive.tech
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