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bitcomine - bitcomine.net review and features 0 0
bitcomine - bitcomine.net review and features
Join BitcoMine: http://bitcomine.net/

BitComine is a sister site of BitcoFarm.

Below you will find some features and review  of bitcomine.

-Instant Payments via BTC for all members!
-Low minimum payout (0.002 BTC)
-Earn daily 0.00010 up to 0.00044 BTC for each of your Miner's minerals!
-Buy a DIAMOND MINER and start to earn extra up to 0.441 BTC in a month!
-You get bored to working with thousands of rental referrals at PTC sites?
-You bored of irregular average clicks?
-Don't waste your time with thousands of rental referrals!
-Just rent Miner instead of hundreds of rental referrals, collect coal, silver, bronze and gold everyday and start to get FIXED INCOME!
-Rent up to 20 Miners and increase your income on bitcomine.
-Get up to %200 click bonus from your upgraded members on bitcomine.
-Get up to %10 commission from your referrals' upgrades!
-Earn up to 0.5000 BTC in a Referral Contests!
-Immortal Bitcoin Investment Playform with Advanced Payment System
-Get up to %50 profit with a Diamond Miner monthly!
-Jewelery Store is available for big investors! Invest big, earn big with your Jewelers!

Don't miss opening opportunities on bitcomine! Go to store and buy Miner packs with good discounts!

Join BitcoMine: http://bitcomine.net/

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