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I'm not  admin

Started in 2016

Advertise and make a profit!
Earn up to each advertising package!      
We pay per view PTC advertising and business directories!
[Image: irrUq-6bsqo.jpg]

[Image: d3fIOBknqa4.jpg]

The project offers the opportunity to earn up to 150% on advertising packages through the system of distribution of the share of income and on viewing advertisers' ads.

The owner of the project is the team Star5B, which in June 2014 founded the eponymous box, which functions to the present.
Start date of Star5T:  04/25/2016.
Payment systems:  PayPal, Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin.
Affiliate program: You will receive 10% of all purchases made by your referrals, as well as 10% of the cost of clicks of your referrals.

The minimum deposit is $ 1.00.
The minimum payment amount is $ 2.00, the maximum is $ 200 / day.
Depending on the payment system you use, the withdrawal of funds is as follows:
- Perfect Money withdraws funds instantly,
- PayPal, Payeer and Bitcoin withdraw funds in semi-automatic mode at least once a day. Thus, your expectation will be a maximum of 24 hours from the moment you order the payment.
You can order withdrawal of funds only to the payment system with which you made purchases on the site. If you made purchases from several payment systems, then the withdrawal will be available on the system with which the larger deposit was made.
You need to buy at least 1 advertising package to be able to withdraw funds.

[Image: FX6ZRL29tNo.jpg]
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