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batterclix.com 2.17 6
Site URL := http://www.batterclix.com
Site Type:= New
Min Payout:= 2 $
Needs Investment for Payout:= No
Per Click:= 0.01
Per DR Click:= 0.005
Short Note about site:= Expire date in 12 months 2016-11-16
Owner Batter Clix
Owner address Dhaka Dhaka , Dhaka , Bangladesh

Dear all members

Today we are happy to announce that BatterClix has officially launched.
We provide a stable plan and long term project to help our members earn money from home.
BatterClix will be a good place to promote your products with affordable pricing.

We have more good earning experiences than not good in this online business.
We would like to provide guaranteed income to every Member.
Based in your own work and activity dedication, you will have good income.

Site is using EvolutionScript and we have ultimate version, open source and you already can see some unique features here.
All other what would you like to see in site, please let us know, and we will consider your request.

PayPal, Perfect Money and Payza are available for deposits and withdrawals.
Minimum payment is $2.
So, what are you waiting for? Start earning money now!

This is the start of a fantastic journey, a roller coaster ride, a once in a lifetime opportunity to again believe that a Paid-To-Click can be real and can last forever.BatterClix is here to change perceptions, change thoughts and change minds. We are here to re-define. . .re-define the way an online income stream works,re-define the way you think of a Paid-To-Click and re-define the way people earn on the internet. BatterClix has come to not go. BatterClix has come to live and by live we mean to transcend above all. We have not come here with a cheesy,sick and a preying mind. We are here with an open mind and thought that can help us build BatterClix to where we think it can be

We a wish you happy clicking and earnings in BatterClix!
Best regards,
BATTERCLIX. Love Your Stay
They have a copy design which was used by 5+ sites.
i am sure it will not last even 30 days.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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