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add country forum sections like croatia , russian etc
Add country forum sections like croatian , russian etc.
So we can talk easily to members that we understand perfectly. medvid18) :
We will Think on your Idea, I liked it ;-)
we will add county forums in future if there are more active members here.
thats good, im agree with you
I totally agree with your partner is very important that we meet each with its own language because a lot but it is complicated for many who do not know English and have to rely on a translator.

And I wanted to make another observation, and ask that you please site administrators do not take it bad, take a long time to add new sites, when you publish it and make several days that are going around the net and us users costs us much more to get referrals.
Sorry we cannot add country forums because our forum is not very much active, users rarely post something and our it's already long.
Its not hand coded, it is using a phpBB board, but with modifications added. modifications made by myself, and by some other people too

The last post thing.. there is already a "last post" column, im not exactly sure what you are asking?
Делаю сайты тут...

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