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Won dispute against riseclix 2 5
Won dispute against riseclix
I just won my dispute against riseclix Wink

We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your

We were able to recover $700.00 USD and this amount has been credited to
you. Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.

If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort to
recover the balance from the seller.

If the seller's account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed
to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the
seller's account, which may include limitation of the seller's account

Transaction Details

Seller's Name: Rise Revenue
Seller's Email: riserev@yahoo.com
Seller's Transaction ID:

Transaction Date: 17-Dec-2015
Transaction Amount: -$700.00 USD
Your Transaction ID:
Case Number:
Congrats and happy that you will get back the big amount invested back.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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