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What is GrandBux and how to earn money form Grandbux ? 2.5 8
What is GrandBux and how to earn money form Grandbux ?
What is GrandBux ?
  • Grandbux is a Paid To Click(PTC) Site, Paying Instantly since March 2014. It’s available world wide.

  • PTC site means you will simply get paid for viewing ads and no investment will be required from your end.

  • Grandbux is a USA Registered Company owned by GrandTeam LLC, it’s a fully verified business and has paid over $2.4 Million to it’s members so far.
Why I need to Join GrandBux ?
  • Because Grandbux is one of the top 3 PTC sites in the world, USA based company Paying instantly since 2014.

  • There is no need to Invest anything to earn from Grandbux, It’s always free to all.

  • Grandbux has made it’s several thousands of members proud and has set them financially free. So far it has over 317 thousand registered members and has paid over $2.4 Million in just 2.5 years to its members.

  • Grandbux ranks one among top 6k ranked websites in the world by Aexa, ranks No .1 on EMS forum and marked as Legit by netbusinessrating.

  • Grandbux respects all of its members, never ever delayed payments(not even once) and always paid Instantly via BitCoin Payza(new).

  • There are many simple ways to earn form Grandbux like viewing ads, commission form DR’s, Profitable RR’sGRID game, PTSU, etc…
[Image: P8KdFdw.png]
How to earn money/cash from GrandBux ?
  • To earn form Grandbux first, you need to create an account there, click here to do so. Please fill in your true details while registering.

  • As a Standard member you can simply earn by viewing advertisements, you can earn up to $0.06 daily by clicking all the available ads for few minutes.

  • You can also win up to $10 by simply playing Grid Game daily. You can perform Micro jobs and earn lot more, up to $10 every day(it differs).

  • If you know how to accumulate lots of points then you can win $1000 in Daily Points Contest only if you have made the most number of points in a single day.

  • If you are an upgraded member then you can earn huge profits form Rented Referrals and If you can find Direct Referrals then you can earn commissions form their clicks and Upgrade.
What is GrandBux Strategy to make profits ?
  • You can make huge profits form Grandbux if you follow a better strategy which you will find here, Grandbux has always offered huge profits to all of it’s upgraded members.
  • Grandbux offers 5 different types of memberships – SilverGoldenUltimateSuperior and Exclusive. Silver is the cheapest membership worth $59 and Exclusive is the highest level membership worth $2499 a year.
  • And when you buy any of those memberships then you will be given a number of free Rented Referrals based on your membership type. The highest number of free RR’s you could get is 2500.
  • The most successful membership on Grandbux is Golden and it costs just $89 a year. You will get free 250 RR with it. Many Grandbux Golden members have cashed out over $1000 by investing just between $100 – $200.
  • So if you want to start with small investment then upgrade your account to Golden, the next step is to start Renting Referrals. The RR price starts form $0.16 each and the avg you will be getting is  10. Recycle your RR’s it they are inactive for 5 days, if you want to make more profits then extend your RR for more number of days or keep Autopay on.
  • Find Direct Referrals as they make you money for free, you will even get $5(golden) as commission if your DR upgrades
How to double your deposited money ?
  • If you wan to invest big and become rich then you can invest $2500 and upgrade your account to Exclusive membership. Read below how to make a successful investment to double your deposited amount.

  • First deposit $2500 and get $1500 as bonus instantly in your Purchase balance, next buy Exclusive membership worth $2499 (buy one and get one free). You will also get many benefits with Exclusive membership.

  • $2500 deposit will give your 25k points and Exclusive membership will give you 15k points, In total you will have 40k points and these are enough to make you win $1000 in daily points contest. So $2500 deposit will give you another $2500 in a single day. That’s the greatness of Grandbux.

  • With Exclusive membership you will easily make $5k pure profit every year. You will also get $22 as bonus when ever your DR upgrades.

  • There are many members on Grandbux who have received over $10K, have a look a few of the Grand heroes below.
[Image: 9XcafHb.png]
Is it safe to join Grandbux ?
  • Yes, It’s 100% safe to Join and invest at Grandbux.
  • Grandbux has very experienced support and it has very stable plans to run site for many many years to come.

  • Don’t create multiple Grandbux accounts form same IP or PC because Grandbux allows only one Account per IP/PC.
  • Please don’t be inactive for 12 days in a row as you will lose your earned balance.

Review of GrandBux – Is Grandbux a Scam or Legit PTC site ?
  • Grandbux is a 100% legit PTC site, always paid Instantly. It cannot be scam at all.

  • Ranks Number 1 on EMS. Trusted by several thousands of members.

  • Marked as legit by netbusinessrating.

For Full Review of Grandbux, Please click on the link: http://refbankers.com/forum/Thread-Revie...m-or-Legit
Best Regards,
Admin -
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