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Using Dimondclix 0 0
Using Dimondclix
So, due to recent news on refunding pending payments to account balance and payments being halted for a month, I decided to use what I earned to purchase advertising.
So I went for one of their special packages.
You pay $20 from your purchase balance and get Quartz membership for 30 days, 50 rented referrals and 10000 PTC ad credits.
To top it off, I rented 50 more referrals after the upgrade (not sure if there's a filter there or not).

I'm advertising my splash page, let's see how it converts.   Wink

Word of warning for those who decide on something similar: Check the PTP site you're using before taking the leap, Rotate4all has blacklisted their group, so no returns there.

Hope this is helpful!
I've run into a situation after upgrading, sent a ticket and posted in their forum just now, and I'll share it here also. Let's hope they solve this asap Confused


I bought the Quartz membership yesterday, and the click value for Admin ads and standards, as well as others, was doubled (Admin ads, $0.02, Standards $0.016, etc.)
Just now I started clicking these ads and they are back to the Diamond Starter value! (Admin ads $0.01, Standard ads $0.008).
Please check into this and solve it as soon as possible, Diamond Starter gives 100% click value and Quartz gives 200%, and I used my purchase balance to invest in it because of this advantage.

I am posting this in the forum as well in case you don't see it here.

Best regards,
Finally moving on.
Used the ads.
Even we are doing the same there since many months.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Yes I've seen them.
I'm promoting refbankers referral link on their sister Pc, maybe there'll be some signups... Wink
I have received a reply from one of the mods yesterday (cashc) in the forum, saying "We will solve this".
It isn't solved. And I am unable to respond to their reply, because guess what? I have been locked out of the forum, unable to post. Again.
Redeem for ads it is.
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