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UniClique journey 2.86 7
UniClique journey
I got my first payment from UniClique yesterday to Payza, in a matter of hours since I requested.
This withdraw makes up half of my investment there, and took about 10 days to accumulate since investing.
Will post proof in proof section soon.

My current situation there:

Membership: Volunteer
Direct referrals: 2
Rented referrals: 50
Shares: 0

I will update this thread as I continue my journey.  Wink
Requested my second cashout today, $4 minus fees.
With this I will have covered my investment in around 20 days.
Will post proof soon.
It seems like you are doing very well on UniClique
Best Regards,
Admin -
(06-22-2017, 10:00 PM)Admin Wrote: It seems like you are doing very well on UniClique

It's going well, yes. Thanks for a good opportunity, Admin!
Thumbs Up 
I have added 50 referrals on UniClique a couple of days ago.
Your doing great!!
Best Regards,
Admin -
Does the AVG of refs rented as a Volunteer change if I let the membership expire? It's around 5.5 now anyway, and since I won't be adding the extra 200 refs this month I was thinking of building the account as a standard before taking a bigger plunge.
letting the membership expire is not a good idea, since with membership your getting double profit than standard membership. Cost of 50rr is 7.5$ and suppose your getting 0.3$ per day and if you upgrade it cost 5.5$ so instead of buying and spending 7.5$ again on 50rr, you can spend on membership and save 2$.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Thanks Admin, I will take your words into consideration.

I have cashed out my 3rd payment a couple of days ago!
$6 away from covering my investment.
Update on Uniclique:
Maintaining my 100 rentals as a resident now, almost at cashout threshold.
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