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UClixx - PTC site, special offer for refback sites/people 0 0
UClixx - PTC site, special offer for refback sites/people
Upon contacting admin, he will provide golden membership free, advertising balance and additional account balance for RCB/Refback owners as a booster to start at this site.

Inserting quote of official presentation from its admin KinderClans:

Quote:Ok guys here we go, i already announced it privately to some RCB owners, but now we're live.

I present you UClixx.

Earn up to 0.02$ per click. Minimum payout is only 2$ for standard members and 1$ for upgraded members. (PayPal - Payza)

We have NO tolerance against cheaters and spammers. We're new, we need time to grow, we need your TRUST.

I'll be happy if you guys give me a chance, we're planning to be a stable and long term PTC.

With UClixx you can earn in many ways:

PTC Wall
Clix Wall
PTSU Offers

As i said we're new, everything is 99% set, we just need to finish the last things.

We're offering a bonus for first 100 members:

Free GOLDEN upgrade for 1 week (Golden members earn up to 150% of click value).

You can still get a bonus of 0.10$ in your account balance!

For golden members payout is only 1$. Payments are made within 24-48 hours or instantly if i'm online.

You need to verify your email after registration. If email doesn't come in 10 minutes, check your SPAM folder or contact us.

Join US!

Also remember to check out our advertising offers, prices starting from 0.50$!

Click to advertise your website

Golden membership features:

Per click: 0.004$ (Daily 5-6 ads)
Referral click: 0.005$
Max DR: 100
Membership expiry: Monthly
Membership price: 5$
Withdrawal fee: Fee free

Payment proofs count at EMS: 2
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