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Trusted CryptoCurrency Faucets and Earning sites list 0 0
Trusted CryptoCurrency Faucets and Earning sites list

Faucets are websites that give free CryptoCurrency for solving a captcha at every interval.
Most of the Faucets have revisit time duration of 1 hr while other even have revisit duration of 5 minutes.
These faucets depend on many advertisements for their revenue.

Best CryptoCurrency faucets and Sites:
Below you will find very trusted faucets for claiming free Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Bitcoin Faucets:
1: Freebitco.in
2: BTCClicks
3: AdBTC
4: BitFun
5: MoonBitcoin
6: FamilyBTC
6: BonusBitcoin

Litecoin Faucets: 
1: MoonLitecoin

DogeCoin Faucets:
1: FreeDogeco.in
2: MoonDogecoin

Ripple Faucets:
1: CoinFaucet.io

Bitcoin Cash Faucets:
1: MoonBCH

Required Wallets:
Most of these faucets pays instantly to Cpoipot.co wallet. Some other wallets you may require.
For Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash  use: Coinbase
For Dogecoin use: Dogechain
For Ripple use: CoinPayments, Binance
Best Regards,
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