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Traffic G + DonkeyMails = Earn seed money for free 3.25 8
Traffic G + DonkeyMails = Earn seed money for free
Traffic G is basically a 1/1, 14 second timer, manual traffic exchange and banner exchange.
Great results for PTP and completely free. Try it out. You can earn 3000 credits everyday if you surf 6 pages or more.
I'll also leave the link to DonkeyMails,the greatest PTR ever (paying since 2005), which has PTP at $0.50 per 1000.
Sign up to both and happy earning.

Traffic G:

@jayfinn27 how much money do you earn per day by this method and do it accept other traffic exchange!
Frontier, thank you for your question.

DonkeyMails has tiered PTP, which means if you get traffic from Tier 1 countries and USA, you get more credits than if you get traffic from Tier 2, 3 and 4.
Your earnings are dependent on the amount of unique hits you manage to drive to the site per day.

Once you reach 1000 PTP credits, you can convert them to your account balance. 

I use it as an extra for my balance, and mainly with Traffic G and a couple of other sites. 
Depending on the traffic driven I usually convert 2/3 times per month, but I know other users who focus more on PTP are able to convert many more times.

DonkeyMails has a list of sites they approve for PTP (no autosurf though), you just need to check that list to see if the TE you want to use is there.

The best thing about this is that DonkeyMails ALWAYS pays and has a lot of other earning options (Search country PTSU, PTC, its own traffic exchange with cash and credits random bonuses, and more), and also that Traffic G, being completely free has given me some really great results, converting to some referrals on the sites I advertise there.  Smile
I requested a $2.65 cashout from Donkeymails, no fees to Paypal. Earned in a month of clicking and promoting.
Update on this simple money maker: a little over a week has passed since my last cashout at DonkeyMails, I got a new DKM ref coming from Traffic G (and a new Payza ref from promoting my splash on Traffic G also), PTP on DKM is almost half of conversion threshold, and I'm halfway my cashout objective for this month (any amount over $2.50).
While new sites scam and drama over PayPal every day, this combo keeps on dripping cash.  Cool
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