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This is a good and reliable platform. 0 0
This is a good and reliable platform.
I think this is a good and reliable platform . AQUA is now confusing the landscape by using AI and block chain technology to develop the first comprehensive data solution for the hospitality industry.
The AQUA team has developed several elements which comprise the entirety of the AQUA Intelligence system,
AQUA Mobile (AQM)
An integral component of AQUA’s platform, AQUA Mobile, is the consumerfacing application for web and mobile, designed to leverage AQUA’s token ecosystem.
AQM is a travel/lifestyle app that provides an interface between AQUA Intelligence and consumers. Our app can also allow the management of loyalty and rewards points across various providers along with the utilization of AQUA Tokens (AQX).
AQX Tokens can be converted into loyalty points, earn discounts, and be used for payments of services at participating hospitality partners and other retail enterprises.
Revolutionizing the hospitality industry with comprehensive decentralized profiles for consumers in the international market.
So you can visit at  https://aquaintel.io
Announcement: https://medium.com/aqua-intelligence/announcing-aqua-token-aqx-pre-sale-560040be5d29
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