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The best program to get bitcoin for FREE! 0 0
The best program to get bitcoin for FREE!
Introducing a referral program from btc philippines wallet. Get 0.002 btc after you register and complete the verification process. You will also get 0.001 btc for each friend who signs up and completes the verification process.
Follow these steps to join:
1. Sign up here >>https://goo.gl/tokHCu
2. Verify your email & phone Number
3. Log in and click the upper right corner of your Account panel and click on the "limits & verifications"
4. Verify your identity by uploading a scan of your valid ID (front & back side) 
5. Do the selfie verification (You must hold your ID card when doing selfie).
6. Wait for the verification process (about 3 business days)
7. Once your account is approved, you will receive 0.002 btc. You can withdraw your money to your main btc wallet or your bank account.

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