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The Active Hive LLC Presents - Fish Bank 0 0
The Active Hive LLC Presents - Fish Bank
Grow, fight and trade your predatory fish champion in the new blockchain game!

[Image: jar3.png]Amberjack (Common): Power:2 Agility:3 Speed:1
[Image: jar1.png]Corvina (Common): Power:4 Agility:5 Speed:3
[Image: jar5.png]Piranha (Legendary): Power:8 Agility:7 Speed:5

Grow your fish to the top of the food chain!
Every fish is an ERC-721 crypto token stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
Digital asset 100% owned by the player. It can be managed like a regular cryptocurrency — transferred or sold to any other player. It cannot be destroyed, removed or replaced.

Hunt other fish and take a bite of them to increase your fish weight and reach top of the global Leaderboards. Trade your winning fish for a better one and grow another champion!

What is Fishbank?

A peer-to-peer (P2P) player-versus-player (PvP) game for growing, fighting and trading unique digital fish with community-driven economy and immutable gaming assets based on smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to play?

Requirements to play Fishbank: Chrome or Firefox browser installed with MetaMask extension, some Ether in your digital wallet and a stable Internet connection. Reserve your fish to join the Fishbank Alpha launch.

Invite 3 friends and get crypto fish for Alpha!

* Unique opportunity to receive Common or Rare fish token. *

Join The Fish Fight! --->>> http://wx.cm/Fishbank
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