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The Active Hive LLC Presents: BitRad.io 0 0
The Active Hive LLC Presents: BitRad.io
[Image: BRO728x90.gif]

WHAT IS BitRad.io?

Bitradio is a community driven webradio website. Their free radio service brings together more than 30,000 radio stations on a single platform. You receive Bitradiocoins (BRO) while listening to your favorite radio stations. Exchange them(BRO) to Bitcoin, on several available crypto-exchanges, or hold them to own a share of the website's services. Creating an account and getting started earning (BRO)is very easy. Just follow these steps.

* Create A Profile
* Download BitRadio Wallet
* Choose Favorite Stations
* Listen To Your Favorite Station And Earn FREE (BRO)
* Refer Your Friends
* Optional Bounties For Earning Additional BRO
* Payout Options - Withdraw, Exchange, Purchase Shares
* (BRO) Is Listed On Several Crypto-Exchanges


* All Time Streamed: All Time Streamed Minutes on BitRad.io
* All Time Earned: All Incoming (BRO) generated by Streaming
* Activity Points: Your Actual Activity Points. Activity Points Are Reset & Converted To BRO (Balance) every hour.
* Balance: Your Actual Balance. This balance is paid out every hour.
* My Shares: Your Total Masternode Shares
* All Shares: Total Masternode Shares In Rotation
* Masternode Earnings: Your Masternode BRO Earnings
* Masternode Balance: Your Accruing Monthly BRO Payout


Share your personal ref code. For everyone who registers and listens to Bitrad.io you'll receive Activity Points.


Level 1: Direct Referral - You will earn 5%.
Level 2: Your Direct Referral's Level 1 Referrals. You will earn 2.5%.
Level 3: Your Direct Referral's Level 2 Referrals. You will earn 1% of all Activity Points they earn.


Want to own a share of a Masternode? Buy shares of a Masternode for 2.500 (BRO). Buy as many shares you like. At the end of the month, your share of earned (BRO) will be paid out. The monthly fee of $6 per Masternode is not charged to you , but instead it's deducted from the total monthly income. You also are able to sell your shares. There is only a 0.5% fee if you want to sell your share. To buy a share, you first have to deposit (BRO). 



Anyone with 2.500 BRO can run a Masternode to get some rewards. Masternode owners get 0.5 (BRO) per Block.


Users who keep their wallet open to secure the network via staking will get 0.5 BRO per Block.


Every second you stream your favorite radio station you earn activity points. Every hour 120.00 (BRO), 4 per Block, goes to users who streamed music.


New feature for streaming videos is being introduced today. Stream the League of Legends Worlds Live and earn (BRO) . A lot more to come for eSports and Video streaming.

Benefits Of The (BRO) Blockchain


The wallet-software is open source, so its safety can be audited.


It is extremely fast, you can send money to anyone in the world within seconds.


Everyone shares the bank history, so it's entirely transparent.


Based on Proof-of-Stake. No more power hungry mining hardware.


Anyone can run the wallet and transact with the same anonymity as Bitcoin, or better. No personal identifying information is required to create and use the Bitradio wallet addresses for sending and receiving funds.

[Image: logo_worlds2017.png]

Join The BitRad.io Revolution ---> BitRad.io

BRO Is Withdrawn & Exchanged Here --->>> http://wx.cm/Cryptopia
Withdraw & Exchange BRO Here --->>> https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?ref...iveHiveLLC

Hello Bitrad.Io User's.

Despite that we already have one Christmass Event, this one is another one special for you! We want to payback you guys!
We've decited to make a special holiday event for our precious loyal user's!

We will giving away Some BroCoins to you during the Holiday's.

You don't need to do some hyper super moves to earn your Holiday earning so here's a little explanation.

First you need to send 1 Brocoin to prove that you are a loyal user of Bitrad.Io
The adress that you will send the coin is this: BiNY4mjCh8S6CFzEazTCKsR224aA2P5z7G
Second, after the confirmations are done you need to place your wallet adress down with a comment in this thread.
Type #Brocoins Forever!
The giveaway.

Every user that has sent 1 Bro will earn 3 Bros in his wallet when the event finishes.
The giveaway will start 1t 22.12.2017 and it will last until 31.12.2017
After that the Thread in the forum will be closed and no more participations will be accepted.

The coins will be sent after new year around 2-3 January after all the holiday's are done.

Hello everyone,

we have a special for you for the holidays. We will quintuple (5x) payouts for listening to the radio on Bitradio.
Normal Payouts are 120 BRO per hour.

From 24.12. until 31.12. we will payout 600 BRO per Hour. This is a Bonus of 500% or 92.160 BRO at this time.
Hope you like this and tune in more often on Christmas. We bought back some coins on Cryptopia(https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?ref...iveHiveLLC) and will further buyback coins for this special Event.

We are also in the final steps of purchasing a new streaming URL for streaming eSports. We also work on the script to get this running.
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