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The Active Hive LLC: Faucet Game - Slots 0 0
The Active Hive LLC: Faucet Game - Slots
Earn FREE Bitcoin while playing Bitcoin GAMES for FREE!


[Image: 22221650_1972774639644914_25712412152972...e=5A778296]

What is a Slot Machine? 
The Slot Machine is one of the most famous casino games. There are many kinds of Slot Machines. Some have 3 reels, some have 4, other have 5. The Slot Machine here is a 3 reel Slot Machine.
How do I play on the Slot Machine?
First of all, you need to place your BET. After you place your BET, you simply click on the 'SPIN' button. If you'd like to see the payout table, click on the 'Payouts' button, next to the Faucet Countdown Timer.

What is the Faucet Countdown Timer?
The Faucet Countdown Timer shows the remaining time until you can make your next free Bitcoin Claim. The countdown will move slowly from red to green, and once it is green you can click it to claim Free Bitcoin.

How do I bet more than 1 Credit?
You will need to upgrade your level before you can bet higher.

How do I upgrade my Level?
You can upgrade your Level from the Upgrade page. Upgrades are purchased using Credits you can win from playing games or claiming from the FREE Turbo Bitcoin Faucet.

What does Green, Red and Orange mean on the game log?
Green shows a user who won a game and how much they won.
Red shows a user that lost a game and how much they lost.
Orange shows a user who landed on a Refund.
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