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Substitute of Shoutbux - Discuss everything about PTC sites here 3 7
Substitute of Shoutbux - Discuss everything about PTC sites here
Got my 47th payment from cliquesteria Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

[Image: tuagnAq.jpg]
Dispute against Evgenia Gencheva.
Status: WON!  Cool
Value: $2.7
Refunded straight into my PayPal's VISA. Wink
I opened the dispute and had a little chat with her:
First part
Second part
The link she sent twice as argument: CLICK
TOS fragment I sent: CLICK
Deposit/withdraw page not showing PayPal image I sent: CLICK

Translation of portuguese part, in the First part:
"I deposited $2.7 and according to administrator Evgenia Gencheva's offer, I would be able to retrieve up to 300% of that value after a while of work on her site. I kept saving up until I reached the equivalent to $8.1 (300% of $2.7), but, half the way, she removed the option to withdraw funds through PayPal from her site, making it impossible for me to obtain the return that had been offered to me before.

Thanks for the attention."

It's funny because she blamed PayPal for her own bad behaviour... Inside a PayPal dispute  Wink ignorant.

Lol its funny how she sounds on smartbux forum. Like a little kid without her candy.
Nice lifestory of hers... A successful trader that has 3 sites with about 5k users total... who lost a dispute against a 23 years old software engineering college dropout xD

Btw, the dispute was for my eveads investment. Wink it was about 2 months old so if u guys have anything to recover, just go for it. PayPal KNOWS she's full of shit. ♥
TrustClix's First Payment!
Investment successfully returned.
[Image: dmRTOcN.png]
got my 48th payment from cliquesteria $50 max payment 100% funds and $0 went into the purchase balance Big Grin Big Grin

[Image: IjM1IJ3.jpg]
Just saw this posted by the admin of cliquesteria in the forum there

[Image: mB1tPX5.jpg]

The admin of cliquesteria agree's with me. Getting 20% is better than nothing and i believe all the changes their doing is so their site will stay open. Most other sites are closing now because they can't afford to keep paying free members. Cliquesteria is making changes so that free members can still get paid 20% with out having to invest and by limiting their earnings their not killing the site as well. Now they've taken it a step further by doing a cap per the previous days sales. My max i can cash out is $50. Now cliquesteria allows me to cash out 40% which is $20 max due to the sales they received the previous day.
Aticlixer is a very fast earning site for investors  Big Grin

Got my 5th payment from aticlixer and i'm cashing out $45 every 6 days.

Proof i'm cashing out $45 every 6 days  Big Grin

[Image: EVKKOCF.jpg]

Proof of my latest payment  Wink  Wink

[Image: r91ACwS.jpg]
Check this out everyone. I'm the #1 best paid member on aticlixer.  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: TrQYsEm.jpg]
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