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Here's my strategy for smartbux as i made over double my profit in 2 weeks.

I invested $40 and got the smart upgrade and purchased rentals

Proof i invested only $40  Big Grin

[Image: tjxcZWm.jpg]

I click all the ads there and about every 5 days i reach 600 points = $3 and i rent 25 more referrals with my points. So my rentals now don't cost me anything as i just use my points.

I've been paid $85 in 2 weeks and just did another $20 cash out there.  I showed screen shots of my payment proofs in the sub shout box here, in the forum on smartbux and on EMS  Big Grin

Proof i've been paid $85 and have another $20 pending  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: 44xA1vm.jpg]

Proof 200 points = $1 with the smart membership

[Image: Qj5VI0y.jpg]

Proof i'm purchasing 25 rentals with the 600 points. As you can see no internal transfers were done even and i showed earlier i only invested $40 when i first joined Wink Wink

[Image: FajTYrY.jpg]
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