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Satoshi Wars [btc game] 0 0
Satoshi Wars [btc game]
URL: Satoshi Wars

[Image: banner.png]

Complete missions and earn gold, then trade the gold for btc. Level up and acquire more gold! Invite people and earn 10% of their earnings. 
U can also purchase properties to generate gold. 2500 satoshi = 1 property. 1 property = 48 gold/day.

I have 2 properties  Cool

If any of u know the browser game 'The Crims', u'll be familiar with this type of game! 

It is like a browser MMO, but u can earn bitcoins on it.   Wink

Min. Withdraw is 20000 satoshi, through Faucethub!

U can exchange ur gold for satoshi at the withdraw page.

(Edit 27/11/2k17) GOLD EXCHANGE RATE: 1 gold = 0.5 satoshi. (oscilates a bit but basically thats it)

Join me, fellas!

Funny thing is that as u go completing missions and unlocking new ones, the first missions are like a tutorial on bitcoin. a nice informative guide on the cryptocurrency world! Very nice.
Actually all the missions seem to be informative. I like it. Level 6 now. Starting to waaaant to establish some min earnings for buying more properties Wink For what I can see until now... Earnings are low as fk in the beginning, but it goes building up as u complete missions and progress through the game. If u manage to bring good refs it might be faster to become decent in regards of profits.
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