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[Image: Shink.in-logo.png]
Shink.in is a link shortener that you should not rule out if you want to generate money, where you are the one who generates it. Surely you will say, but it is a link shortener, my money will depend on the people who come to see it. Yes it is true, but pay close attention because with this strategy that I will be offering you, you will be who is your own boss and decide how much money you want to make per day.

+ Reasons to use Shink.in

+ Has the highest payments

+You will receive payment of your earnings on the 15th and 30th of each month

+It is safe, reliable, and of very good reputation.
+ They do not banish you for using VPN and generate money for your own links

So how will I make money?

1- Once you have registered, click on "New shorten link" that I marked in the following image

[Image: 56EnPvB.png]

2-The page will open a console where you have to paste the link you want to cut. I for example cut to Google. Then, put the link and click on Shorten!

[Image: J83j1sO.png]

3- You will be given a clipped link which you should get to others to get your own winnings. I for example received this:

[Image: P9Dilc0.png]

Each time they visit our link, we will start earning money. So what is the strategy? Let's look at the paytable every 1000 visits per link:

[Image: aqhPW6u.png]

We will download Hotspot shield

[Image: mf_darkBlue_tagline-56a6c3f23df78cf7728fee90.png]

1- Press the middle button:

[Image: HiLR8E9.png]

2- We change our country to Australia. (If we remember the table above, it is the one that pays the most for the visit.):

3- Open your browser of preference (in this case I chose Opera), we will enter the link that we have cut before and we will complete the captcha.

4- Wait 3 seconds and click on GET LINK.

5- It will take us to the page that we have put to cut.

6- We delete the history including cache and cookies.

7-Disconnect the Hotspot Shield

8- Repeat the procedure. That is, we connect the Hotspot Shield, we enter our link, we eliminate caches and cookies, we disconnect. For every time we do, we will add a visit.

You will make about one dollar SECURE every two hours. A month would be 30 dollars for only dedicating 2 hours a day, and if you spend 4 would be 60 dollars a month.

[Image: kBfpBbr.png]

 +Why be my referral?
+You will receive my benefits.
+ It is a form of gratitude. Remember that doing a post takes dedication and effort
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