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SCAM sites 3.13 15
SCAM sites
I am new here and found your list of SCAM sites very useful.

I have been browsing PTC sites and later on found your site with your list of SCAM sites.


1. What is your definition of SCAM site? If a SCAM site is reported, do you think they will come back again with another new name?

2. How often do you update your SCAM sites?

3. If updated, do you mix the new SCAM site to your list of SCAM sites? How do we know if there are new SCAM sites?

Look forward to your answers to my questions.

1. A site that, stops paying, makes selective payments, needs investment to cashout, huge delays in payments, if our account gets suspended/deleted etc... is defined as scam.....even though they come back with new site/name then they will be treated as scam (in some cases site will be monitired)
2. We don't update scam sites... a site that is moved in to scam list will be forever in scam list until if there is strong evidence of paying. (in case a scam site starts paying again to 100% of it's members then it will be moved to paying list again)
3. Scam sites are sorted based on their date of release....we will be mentioning new scam sites in the shoutbox and you can also find all recent scam sites with reasons by clicking on UPDATE AND NEWS tab.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Thank you for the information you have provided on SCAM Sites and your definition of a SCAM site.

There are also PTC sites that will ask for referrals before cashout. Do you think you can also classify these as SCAM. Also PTC sites that are offering rented referrals. PTC sites that asks money first before CASHOUT I consider them as SCAM. Please let me know your thoughts regarding these.
The site that ask for referrals or investment or RR etc... before cashout will not be added to our site.
they will be always treated as scam.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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