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Review of SwingBtc: Is SwingBTC a Scam or Legit? 0 0
Review of SwingBtc: Is SwingBTC a Scam or Legit?

SwingBtc Review: Is SwingBtc a Scam or Paying or Legit PTC Site?

Current Status - Very New

About SwingBtc?

SwingBtc is a paid to click advertising service launched in September 2017. SwingBTC is owned by the same admin of IndexClix, Fingersclix and Ads4.pro. It is a Bitcoin Based PTC site.
Members can earn money there simply by clicking on displayed advertisements. Members can also earn by referring other people(Direct Referrals) or by renting other members(Rented Referrals).
Extra Ways: Grid, PTSU, Offers and Contests!
► Pay Per Click =  75sat, Pay Per DR click = 30sat. Payment Processors: BitCoin. Min Payout  = 0.0003btc

Is SwingBtc a Legit PTC site?

No - SwingBtc is not old enough to be called as a Legit PTC site. (site should be at least one year old and paying)

Is SwingBtc a Paying PTC site?

No - SwingBTC is a new site and will start paying soon.

Is SwingBtc Scam?

No - As of now SwingBtc is paying and cannot be called as a scam.

Is SwingBtc suspected or are there any complaints about it?

As of now, there are no complaints about SwingBtc. If you suspect SwingBtc and have any complaints about it then please comment below.

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Important Links:
► See: Review of PTC Sites
► Find Paying PTC sites list
► Find our Payment Proofs from PTC Sites
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[Image: banner1.gif]

The above PTC review is best as per our knowledge and we update it as soon as status of PTC site changes.
If you have any questions or other opinions about this PTC site then please comment below. You can also post your Payment Proofs from this PTC site below.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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