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Review of HoneyBTC: Is HoneyBTC a Scam or Legit? 0 0
Review of HoneyBTC: Is HoneyBTC a Scam or Legit?
HoneyBTC Review: Is HoneyBTC a Scam or Paying or Legit PTC Site?

Current Status - Big Scam

[Image: 2B9ym.png]

You may still see payments on HoneyBTC but it is actually a Big scam. Admin is a big scammer, I will explain why.

HoneyBTC and his other sites were paying honestly until mid Nov 2017 but after that admin became greedy and started cheating people. This is how he scams!

Suppose you deposited 0.10 BTC and after few days you have 0.05 BTC in your account. Now you go to cashout page and when you hit the cashout button the system will allow you to cashout only 0.005 or less.

Some times fee will be too high or sometimes system will show error but no mater what you do you will only be able to cashout 10% of your total balance.

Admin is doing it on a purpose. I guarantee you that you will never ever recover 100% of your investment. You will be stuck at 50% and you will have leave the site having no options left.

In the past there used to be big payment but now you will only see payments under 0.005 BTC.

I have lost money on HoneyBTC & his other sites. Admin never responds to your support tickets. You can see many complaints on their forum but admin never responds and deletes them.

Please do not waste your hard earned money on HoneyBTC. You will only lose.

About HoneyBTC?

HoneyBTC is a paid to click advertising and Revenue sharing kind of service launched in Nov 2017. Deposit is required to withdraw your earnings from HoneyBTC. Standard members can withdraw 200% of their investment. The concept of HoneyBTC is very similar to Bitcomine and co.

To earn money from HoneyBTC,
You  need to purchase a Bee and collect BTC every day for 30 days. The profit per bee will be from 20% to 40+%. It will depend on the type to bee you purchase.
You can view ads and collect points. Those points can be converted to Purchase balance which you can use to purchase bees or upgrade.
► Pay Per Click =  10 points, Pay Per DR click = few %. Payment Processors = BitCoin. Min Payout  = 0.002 BTC

Is HoneyBTC a Legit PTC site?

No - HoneyBTC is not old enough to be called as a Legit PTC site. (site should be at least one year old and paying)

Is HoneyBTC a Paying PTC site?

Not Paying - HoneyBTC is a big scam!

Is HoneyBTC Scam?

Yes - HoneyBTC is a big scam!

Is HoneyBTC suspected or are there any complaints about it?

There are many complaints on their forum and at other places regarding cashout problems. Despite of having enough balance to cashout the system is allowing only about 10% of the amount to be withdrawn. If you suspect HoneyBTC and have any complaints about it then please comment below.

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[Image: standard.jpg]

The HoneyBTC PTC review is best as per our knowledge and we update it as soon as status of PTC site changes.
If you have any questions or other opinions about this PTC site then please comment below. You can also post your Payment Proofs from this PTC site below.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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