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Review of CashTravel : Is CashTravel a Scam or Legit? 2.43 7
Review of CashTravel : Is CashTravel a Scam or Legit?
CashTravel Review: Is CashTravel a Scam or Paying or Legit PTC Site?

Current Status - Legit.

About CashTravel?
CashTravel is a paid to click advertising service launched on April 2012.
Site is well known for Cheap Advertising and Low min Payout, Members can earn from Paid to Read, PTSU , ClixExchange, PTC Wall , Clixwall..!

Members can earn money there simply by clicking on displayed advertisements. Members can also earn by referring other people(Direct Referrals) or by renting other members(Rented Referrals).
► Pay Per Click =  $ 0.0005, Pay Per DR click = $ 0.00005. Payment Processors = PayPal, Payza. Min Payout  = $0.05

Is CashTravel a Legit PTC site?
Yes - CashTravel is a Legit PTC site and it is Paying Instantly since 5 years.

Is CashTravel a Paying PTC site?
Yes - You will find Payment Proofs from their member on their forum.

Is CashTravel Scam?
No - As of now CashTravel is paying and cannot be called as a scam.

Is CashTravel suspected or are there any complaints about it?
As of now, there are no complaints about CashTravel. If you suspect CashTravel and have any complaints about it then please comment below.

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The above review is best as per our knowledge and we update it regularly.
If you have any questions or other opinion about this site then please comment below. You can also post your Payment Proofs from this PTC site below.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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