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Review of AdsTradeShare: Is AdsTradeShare a Scam or Legit? 2.95 21
Review of AdsTradeShare: Is AdsTradeShare a Scam or Legit?

AdsTradeShare Review: Is AdsTradeShare a Scam or Paying or Legit Revenue share program?

Current Status - Closed.

Update 21 Sep 2017: As per AdsTradeshare's admin the site faced a serious issue. The developers are working on that issue and the AdsTradeShare is expected to come back online before 5 Oct 2017.

Update 07 Oct 2017: AdsTradeShare admin announced that they are closing their site. Here is their message.

Quote:Hope you all are doing well. The idea behind ATS was, Lubos will trade and I will handle the technical things, as basically I am technician and ptc admin more than a revshare admin. According to Lubos, he never got good funds to trade only 15K in 3 days after launch tells the story.

Lubos says he was forced to break few trades, because of withdraw pressure, as we never got deposits, then came this bug where some guys took away more then 110%. I tried a lot, but seems its now out of my hands to keep the site running. Low deposits never allowed him to trade freely, he did some but those were of small volumes.

After having a long conversation with him, I decided to close the site right away and refund the guys their money, as I do not want to be named as who ran away with member’s money.

I will be making a list from tomorrow and from 25th we will refunding all who deposited, there are not many as over 90% are $10-$20 depositors and many of them got their money back even more.

The members who came from my PTC sites can send me tickets there and I will handle them one by one there.

I worked so hard for the site day and night and never imagined, this way I have to close one of my site.
Refunds will start from 25th.

About AdsTradeShare?
AdsTradeShare was launched on 30 May 2017, is an advertising platform that you will need for driving high quality targeted Traffic. You can expect a high success rate with AdsTradeShare. AdsTradeShare also offers revenue sharing and leads to your online/offline business. If you have a business or a product to advertise then  their precisely designed advertising packages that will drive more customers to your website.

AdsTradeShare offers advertising products like Login ads, Banner ads, text ads, Traffic exchange, Cash links etc. and also limited earning opportunity to its members through revenue sharing.

AdsTradeShare is owned by Tousif Parvez -  same admin of GuruClix and ClixUnion both of these sites are running from almost a year and has gained him trust in this industry.

Advertiser's Benefits AdsTradeShare:
   Variety of Advertising Products To Choose From
   Targeted High Quality Traffic From a Real Audience
   Affordable Advertising Packages
   Fast Response From Our Support Team
   24/7 Ad Visibility

Member's Benefits on AdsTradeShare:
   Free/Paid membership
   Revenue Sharing on Advertising Adpacks upto 120%
   8% Direct Referral Commission
   Minimum Daily Payout 5$ and Maximum Payout 200$
   Advertising Credits with every Ad Pack Purchase
   No repurchase rule
   Earn from Cash Link Advertisements(free/paid member)

Members can earn money there simply by clicking on available cashlinks or can purchase Revenue share packages to make profit.
► Pay Per Click =  up to $0.01, Pay Per DR click = 50% . Payment Processors = Payeer, Payza, PerfectMoney, BitCoin. Min Payout  = $5

Is AdsTradeShare a Legit?
No - AdsTradeShare is not old enough to be called as a Legit PTC site. (site should be at least one year old and paying)

Is AdsTradeShare a Paying?
Yes - Paying

Is AdsTradeShare Scam?
No - Site is paying

Is AdsTradeShare suspected or are there any complaints about it?
There are no complaints about AdsTradeShare as of now. If you have any complaints then please comment below.

Important Links:
► See: Review of PTC Sites
► Find Latest Paying PTC sites
► Find our Payment Proofs from PTC Sites
Best Refback - To make double income from PTC sites: click here

[Image: 2thcM.gif]

The above review is best as per our knowledge and we update it regularly.
If you have any questions or other opinion about this site then please comment below. You can also post your Payment Proofs from this PTC site below.
Best Regards,
Admin -

AdsTradeShare Payment Proof

[Image: 2u3H3.jpg]
Best Regards,
Admin -

AdsTradeShare Payment Proof #2

[Image: 2vh7u.jpg]
Best Regards,
Admin -

AdsTradeShare Payment Proof #3

[Image: 2vPan.jpg]
Best Regards,
Admin -

AdsTradeShare Payment Proof #4

[Image: 2wBZY.jpg]
Best Regards,
Admin -
Update: 07 Oct 2017

AdsTradeShare is closing down. Read the above message.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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