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Rented Referrals 2.94 17
Rented Referrals
Guys, what do you think about Rented Referrals (from all PTC sites). Are they actually humans or bots? It just doesn't make any sense them being humans. I mean every member can rent thousand of them right? So the number of the members have to be billions. It's just UNREAL !!!!
I will clear your point, Rented refferals may or may not be bots.
Suppose if your the admin of a ptc site. You have option to keep:
1.All members
2.Active Members only
3. All Members without upline
4.Active members without upline.
5.Some sites have RR bots and admin has full control of their RR.
You also have enable or disable filter option.
Depending on Admin Strategy he keeps on changing these options
All these I'm saying is about evolution Script.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Yeah, sometimes theyre looking like a bots, in certain websites, like for example NeoBux - currently I have 15 RR and one day none of 'Em clicks other day almost all of 'em clicks, I do click everything , everyday, but it's looking really weird
I thought that too, but then I realized, it has no sense to make bot referrals
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