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RecyClix Y/N ? 2.5 8
RecyClix Y/N ?
Currently I'm awiting for my first proffit day, as u need to invest $150 in it to receive money trough PayPal, I have an idea, I will try to get money trough Bank or Trough BitCoin , Let u know the outcome.

Update: 15-10-31

So I did get my first cycle from RecyClix. I must say , it's looks like complete smart SCAM
They give me 10euros, and those 10euros go to my Balance, You can't transfer them to account ballance (minimum 20) , neither deposit them,
So bassically they put me into deposit situation.I strongly would not advice you to invest any capital into this ''Bright Future'' WebSCAMsite
let's hope you will get paid.
@Ciprianvas got paid form this site.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Be careful investing that amount in PTC's
I'm not investing at all, but you need invest 150 to get paid trough PayPal
I 've also joined this site, may be they changed some rules, i think they ask to depost 20€ via bank to cashout your balance in 60 days, itherwise your account is deactivated.......
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