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Question: Getting paid and membership 0 0
Question: Getting paid and membership
Hi everyone
I want to ask a question
For example if I register on Neobux and I am a standard member there however admin (RefBankers) have an Ultimate membership there. So, the earnings that they will make will be 0.01$ per my click. So total 4 click everyday = 0.04$.
Now my question is I am a standard member, will I be paid earnings from 0.04$ or will I be paid from 0.0005$ ? Because I will be a standard member in Neobux which means DR in Neobux in standard membership pays 0.0005 and not 0.01.
Please help, I am confused between different memberships in PTC sites and RefBankers.

Our membership on Neobux is golden and as of now we offer $0.0015 per DR click.
we have different rates for different sites and based on our profit and membership we offer different rates.

Refback rates here will not depend on your membership. It will completely depend on our membership and our profits.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Thanks for the clarification
But I just got one more question to ask
You said "$0.0015 per DR click." is the rate for Neobux. But according to percentage, this is 30% amount , 70% is 0.0035$. Can you please explain me the difference.
Also, is there a link for post/thread where all the rates are given ?

Thank You
I am awaiting response
Thank You

We purchase memberships using our money and if we offer 70% of the amount of what we get after upgrade then there will be no use of upgrading.
There is no link for the explanation of refback rates.
Best Regards,
Admin -

Thanks for explaining
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