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[Proved] Ayuwage - A kind of improved PTC! 1.25 4
[Proved] Ayuwage - A kind of improved PTC!
This time i will talk about Ayuwage!

For me this is the site paying the most if i consider the sites without the need for investment!

It is really similar to a PTC site but it offers new ways of clicking! Here are a few examples:


U can easily make 1$ a day and u can withdraw as soon as u reach 5$ via Paypal or Payza!

There is not much more i can talk about, the best is for you to take a look and give it a try  Wink

Here is my REF LINK: Ayuwage

Hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

PS: I can´t find my proofs of payment but i am almost at 5$ and will post the proof soon!
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