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Proshareextreme guide 2 4
Proshareextreme guide
Proshareexteme is a hyip site.
Min deposit : 1$
min withdraw 5$

Join the Site by using our banner placed in refbankers.com system.
You need to buy share, each share cost 1$, you will get 1.33$ in return for each share you purchase.
Share earnings are splited into two : (1) cash (2) Re-purchase
1. cash
cash bal can be withdrawn and can be used for also buying shares
2. Re-purchase
Re-purchase bal can be only used to buy shares

To buy shares:
Go to finance and click on purchase shares
To only use Re-purchase bal to buy share, check the 'use repuchase bal first' box while buying shares.

What to do to get earnings?
1.You need to just buy shares.
2.Earnings will increase every 30min.
3. Need to surf 4 ads per day in view ads  section.

For more queries, feel free to ask
Best Regards,
Admin -
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