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Past time entertainment 2.5 4
Past time entertainment
Hey guys, when you're not working, making money or doing anything else feel free to post some stuff that you like to do for fun Big Grin

Personally, I'm a big fan of anime. Growing up I always watched dragon ball z and I wanted to be like Goku, Vegeta krillin and I wanted to train and get strong. Dragon ball z was one of the first shows I ever watched fully and for 15-20 years it's been over.  In July on 2015 Akira Toriyama started to write a new show called Dragon Ball Super in the place of where Dragon Ball Z had ended. This new series shows the saiyans becoming gods, fighting extremely powerful opponents and even has an updated art style animation. It's a fantastic show and I really think everybody should give it a shot if you need something fun to watch. 

You can watch dragon ball super episode 1 here:

Hello Gus,

Dragon ball is our favourite manga series. We didn't miss even single minute of any of Dragon Ball or Z or GT or Super.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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