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New message from Dosbux 3.33 6
New message from Dosbux
As members have abused our high earnings website. We will be making Dosbux Newbie membership a paid service.it will be only $10 for 1,000 days membership the equivalent of 1c per day. You can use this to continue to use our higher earnings or be moved to standard (with 20% referral earnings) all members who currently have rented referrals will be gifted Dosbux Newbie Membership for 1 month for free (to avoid losing earnings)

We found lots of refback sites using our services and complaining when they are told they won't be paid after their first payout. We had lots of members from Vietnam with a complex Web of connecting referrals to maximise the referral earnings. So I won't punish members using our services with the free memberships. This will all come into effect on Saturday 21st November.

In summery:
All dosbux newbie members on Saturday 21 November without rented referrals will become Standard Members. All Dosbux Newbie Members with rented referrals will be given 30 days of Dosbux Newbie for free so you don't lose profit.
This membership will cost $10 for 1,000 days for those who want to continue as Dosbux Newbies after that.
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