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New PTC site - AdsToro 0 0
New PTC site - AdsToro
Hello, there is a new site called AdsToro. They invested 30 000 $ from start to secure payments in the beginning which means their goal is to build up a new name in PTC world. They offer unique concept with RR, when you upgrade to membership they will take care of inactive rentals and replace them so you don't have to worry about spending on recycling. Also, they started without Paypal because they studied a lot and are aware of the issues with them (as you know Paypal no longer works with Clixense, Neobux, Grandbux..)
There are no limits for DR in standard membership and no cashout limits. And plenty more, you can read all of it on forum.
Its showing big potential and it would be a good idea to start with them from beginning. I hope you join me so we can do it together Smile

You can register with link below

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