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Neobux RR Strategy Guide 0 0
Neobux RR Strategy Guide
Most people who use Neobux and start renting referrals will notice that they don't work the same way as most of the other PTC sites out there. This means that you need a different approach in order to make any kind of a profit. Due to this, many people (if not most) just say that RRs aren't profitable and you can't make any money what so ever on Neobux without DRs. I'm constantly telling people that if you just sit down, do some basic calculations, put some effort in and use common sense, RRs are indeed profitable. So I was asked in the chat if I could write down the strategy I'm using when it comes to managing my RRs profitably. I can tell you right off the bat that I've been a Golden member for a while now so I'm a little bit fuzzy when it comes to remembering how I did every single detail as a Standard member, but I will walk you through it to the best of my ability. 

First off, let's just poke some holes in the whole "RR's aren't profitable on Neobux, it's a legit scam" nonsense. I currently have 549 RRs and a Golden membership on my Neobux account, most of which I've gained through my profit from RRs. I've made som investments from the money I've made on other PTC sites but that didn't start until I already was a Golden member with about 250 (give or take) RRs. This means that I, simply by using good management, went from absolute ZERO to that point with no investment at all and only relied on RR profits and some (very very few) minijobs. 

Now that that's taken care of, let's start talking about the strategy. The very first thing you need to do is to download the software called "Neobux Referrals Handy Manager". This will be essential if you want to succeed, the free version is more then enough for your actual needs. The paid vesion is basically just a comfortable way to view your stats. Now, after you've gotten your first referrals (we'll get to that later) you'll need to export the referral data every single day as close as possible to your LOCAL TIME midnight. If you miss one day, don't panic, just wait for the next day. There is a posibility to download an add-on that allows you to export data more then ones a day but that's overrated in my opinion. There is a small bug in this software tho so sometimes, very rarely, it corrupts a file meaning that all the data you've collected will be lost. To prevent any huge losses I'm actually using 2 different files and every other day I save the data to those files.
Example: Day 1 saves to number 1 file. Day 2 I open number 1 file, add data from day 2 and save to number 2 file. Day 3 I open file 2, add data from day 3, save to file 1. Day 4, open file 1, add data from day 4, save to file 2. Keep doing this and in case one save is corrupted, you'll still have all the data from every single previous save except tje very last one. This will prevent you from needing to collect data for ages before you can start making any kind of informed decissions.

So, this software has a bunch of functions that you can use, but to be honest, most of them aren't of any use to you. All you need this software for is to look for clicking patterns of your RRs and to keep track och their profitability. What you want to do is:
1. Analysis Settings: Extension 240 days, leave the box below UNCHECKED!
2. Click on any referral, to your upper right, select Extension 240 days and CHECK both boxes below that.
3. To your left, select Sorting: By last 15 days clicks and check Up.
4. Set your filter. These filters that I will now mention should only be used by STANDARD members:
Average - OFF
Total Clicks - OFF
Last Clicks - 5-9
Referral Since - 31-999999
Last N Days Clicks - 0-6
Times Clicking After N Days - OFF
Referrals Display - All

After you've done this, you've got your software up and running and ready to go. These settings will show you referrals that are POTENTIAL candidates for recycling. This is where analyzing comes in but more about that later.

Let's start actually renting some referrals! It doesn't really matter if you're doing everything from scratch or if you're investng, the management strategy is basically the same anyway. When renting, ALWAYS make sure that you have the rental cost AND the cost of extending those referrals to 240 days. This means that your first referrals cost you $0.20+$1.12=$1.32/RR. My suggestion is that no matter if you're an investor or not, only rent 3 referrals for the first 3 times giving you a total of 9. This will save you a lot of trouble later on. This will cost you $3.96 each time so if you're investor, just invest $10, that's enough to start with. If not, then click all of the ads available to you AND all of the adprizes, you can win some really good prizes there (I've one a 1 year free Golden membership ones) that will help you out good. After you've collected those 9 RRs, never rent any less then 5 at a time. This is very important, otherwise it's no meaning to go for 9 to start with.

What you need to know as well is that you should never ever under any circumstances let a referral expire. On Neobux, you need to treat every referral you have as more of a "slot" then an actual referral, they will come and go through that slot multiple times. 

Always rent as soon as possible after midnight, local time, to give you the best chance of clicks during the first day of your RRs. It also helps with the data you're collecting. 

After you've rented your first 3 referrals, start using the software I talked about above and collect data. During the first 30 days, you won't see anything at all, it will just say 0 referrals and that's just like it should be. However, after the first month (as earliest) you will start to see a few referrals and if you click on them you'll see a graph. This is what you're going to use to analyze their clicking patterns and determine if you're going to recycle them or not.

If you're investing, you might reach the maximum number of RRs of a Standard member pretty quickly, but no matter if you invest or not, NEVER have more then 250 RRs as a Standard member, when you exceed that number, the rental and extension cost will go up and it's just not worth it to get those extra 50 RRs to reach maximum limit.

This is the end of my first post. It's pretty much just how you're getting started. Stay tuned for my next post, where I will go more in depth on how to me sure you never miss an extension and how to make good decisions when recycling.
I hope this has been informative and that you like what you've read so far, there's more to come!

I'm out!

Nice guide for Neobux RR strategy.
I hope this guide will help people who are struggling to maintain good avg.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Thank you! Smile
I'm sure it will when I've completed it. This just covers the "get started" part so I'll get more in depth wih numbers and calculations in the next part. If I get the time, I'll also write a bit about recycling!
(09-01-2017, 04:02 PM)erru9107 Wrote: Thank you! Smile
I'm sure it will when I've completed it. This just covers the "get started" part so I'll get more in depth wih numbers and calculations in the next part. If I get the time, I'll also write a bit about recycling!

nice guide  Smile
waiting another neobux RR strategy from you Big Grin
Part 2:
This time I'm gonna write a bit about different numbers and calculations that may be useful for you. Keep in mind that even tho some of the aspects of this tutorial can be used by anyone, it's mainly targeting people with a Standard account that are struggling to turn any kind of a profit with the RR's at Neobux.

Summary from last time:
1. It is in fact possible to turn a profit with rented referrals at neobux, don't believe anyone stating otherwise, they're just doing something wrong.
2. Use "Neobux Referrals Handy Manager". See first post for more information about that. (It's been pointed out to me that NRHM isn't available for all operating systems so I'm going to look into an alternative method.)
3. Start by renting 3 referrals 3 times in a row to get 9 in total.
4. Never rent more then 250 referrals as a Standard member, even tho the maximum is 300. It's just not worth it.
5. Never let a referral expire.
6. Always extend referrals with 240 days, no exceptions. (More about how to ensure that in the next part.)
7. Rent as soon as possible after midnight local time. 


There are a few things that you need to know and be able to calculate in order to be successful at Neobux. Here is a list of them and what they mean. 

BEP, also known as Break Even Point. This is the AVG that you're gonna need in order to break even, that means not losing any money but you're not making any profit either. To calculate your BEP (as a Standard member with a maximum of 250 RRs), use this formula: ((RR*1.12)-0.004)/240
This formula assumes that you're clicking at least your 4 daily ads and that all RRs are extended to 240 days. For example, if you have 250 RRs:
This would mean that you need at least 1.167 clicks from every RR in order to break even. To give you an idea, when I was a standard member I had a steady avg of about 1.4. This was before recycling tho, which brings us to the next calculation:

R. AVG, which means Real Average. This is the AVG that you actually have after recycling has been done. The formula for this is:
Example: Your 250 RRs got you 350 clicks and you've recycled 5. The formula then is: (350-(5*0.07*100))/250=1.26 meaning that your R. AVG is 1.26. Putting that into context where your BEP is 1.167, you're in profit even after recycling.

PM, or Profit Margin, is what you have to work with to avoid over recycling. To know what your PM is, you first need to figure out what your expenses and incomes are. If we use the example from above with 250 RRs and 350 clicks, this is what you'll have:
Income: 1.754 (RR and personal clicks)
Expenses: 1.167 (RR extension cost (240 days))
PM=Income-Expenses = 1.754-1.167=0.587
This means that you have a profit margin of $0.587 that day. In order to not lose money due to over recycling, you should never recycle for a higher cost then, at the very most, 80% of your PM. in this case it leaves you with $0.47 to use for recycling if needed. But don't recycle any more then you actually need to just because you have the money to do so.
Some days you are going to lose money, that's not avoidable the way neobux is working. On those days, simply skip recycling all together and wait until the next day that you're in profit. It is fine to "save" recycling money for up to 1 week in case a day with a loss comes around since you still would need to recycle in order to get the best results. However, there's no need at all to save any more then 1 week. Also note that the "saved" money should NEVER be used on a day that you're in profit unless it's lower then $0.10. So you need a little bit of discipline to make this work.

Those were the main things and calculations that you need in order to succeed as a Standard member. Stay tuned for the next part of this guide where I'll be writing about recycling and how to never run out of money to extend your RRs. 

I'm out!
I'm sorry I haven't written any more on this guide in a while, I've just been so busy lately. I'm hoping to get some time during the weekend to write the next part!
So I guess it's like they say, better late then never! Here's the next part of my guide to success at Neobux!

Part 3
As I promised, in this part I will be talking a bit about recycling and how to manage your money to make sure you always have what you need to be able to recycle and extend your referrals properly. As I've mentioned before, these strategies may be applied to everyone but it's mainly focusing on the Standard accounts. The reason for this is that the people with an upgrade already has succeeded in some way to reach that point, but a lot of people can't get started properly and ger discouraged.

Please know that I'm assuming you've read all the previous parts and understand them well enough since I'm not going to explain the individual meaning everything. Every new part is to be treated as an "add-on" to the previous parts.

Summary from last time:
* BEP (or Break-Even-Point) is the main calculation to let you know if you're account is profitable.
* R. AVG is the messurement to let you know how your referrals are really doing with recycling taken into account.
* PM is the guideline you need to use when recycling to not spend more then you can afford.


When you have a good understanding of PM and how to manage that, you can start looking into which referrals that actually qualifies for recycling. I'm assuming that you did as I mentioned in Part 1 of this tutorial and extracted your referral data every day close to midnight local time. That part was essential for the recycling to actually work. I also assume that you downloaded and set up NRHM the way I described as well as using two different save files to prevent loss of data if one file would become corrupt.

So now you're ready to recycle. If you look at NRHM and have the filters already discussed turned on, all the referrals that you see are POTENTIAL candidates for recycling. What you now want to do is go through all of these and try to detect clicking patterns or obvious tells that a referral has, or soon will, stop clicking profitable. All of the numbers you'll be seeing will look very confusing in the beginning but in time you'll easily spot the weak referrals. I spend about 1-3 seconds looking at each referral and that's enough time for me to decide what to do with it.

What you want to do is look at the Analysis part above the referral graph. Start by finding a referral that has made a loss in both the past 7 and 15 days. If that number is increasing from 7 to 15 days, then that referral is up for recycling since it's showing a negative trend.
If the number is somewhat steady, (maximum of 1 cent difference) then look at the next row where it says 30 days. If that one's a loss as well, do the same comparison against the above two rows. If the number on the 30 days row is higher then the highest one of 7 and 15, then it's showing a negative trend and should be considered for recycling.

The first example is the most urgent case since the downward spiral is on going where as the second example the negative results has somewhat stoped for the moment. Prioritize your recycling accordingly and always keep your PM in mind. If you can afford to recycle all that qualify, then do so. If you can't, just recycle the ones in most need of it.

It may happen that you notice a period of time (at least 30 days) where you're not turning any profit at all, or at least have a really hard time doing so, then that may call for a massive cleanup of your referrals. If this is the case then throw everything you know about PM out the window and just recycle every single candidate on your list that you find not to be clicking profitably. You will lose a lot of money that one day and probably the next week as well but it will show results in the long run. 
Be warned that this method does not have the same effect if you're already turning a profit.

If you recycle properly you WILL turn a profit without any doubt. Every account is different so it's impossible to say how much profit you will get but I guarantee that you'll actually be earning money instead of losing it.

Extending your referrals

When it comes to extending your referrals, there's really only one thing you need to know: Always extend for 240 days, no exceptions unless there's extremely good reasons for it, such as a miscalculation that could have lead to you losing referrals, then extend for 150 days instead as a one time thing and fix your calculations.

But to prevent that from happening, always transfer the daily cost of your referrals to your Rental Balance every single day, always round up to closest $0.10 (since you can only transfer fixed amounts). However in the begining it can be difficult to get those funds together so what I would suggest is that you make some notes in your Notepad and calculate how much you need to transfer in total for 7 days and then spread that amount out over those 7 days. Here are some of my older numbers to give you an idea of what I mean:

Quote:549 RR

1 6/12 2,9
2 7/12 2,8
3 8/12 2,8
4 2/12 2,8
5 3/12 2,8
6 4/12 2,8
7 5/12 2,8

total  +0,00/week

As you can see, the first day of every week I pay an additional $0.10. The reason for that is simple:
((549 RR * $1.23) / 240) *7 = $19.70 (rounded up to closest 0.10)

After I got that number, I simply made the neccessary calculations to see how much I should pay every day in order to cover the costs. If I had gone with $2.80 all 7 days, I would have had a $0.10 defecit, therefor I added that amount to the first transaction of that week.

By following this strategy, you will always have money on your Rental Balance when it's time to extend your referrals or when a promotion comes along, then feel free to use all the funds you have available to extend your referrals. Then just calculate how much money you've saved on the promotion, round that DOWN to the closest $0.10 and then subtract that amount from the coming days transactions. Say that you've saved (based on the example above) $2 then you only need to pay $0.90 on day 1. If you had saved $3.50 then you wouldn't need to pay anything on day 1 and only $2.20 on day 2 and so on.

To prevent that you may forget to extend any referral I highly recommend that you turn AutoRenew ON! Use the period 240 days and before 3 days settings. That way as soon as a referral has 3 days left, that one will be automatically extended by 240 days. 

It's a common mistake on Neobux to not extend referrals with bad AVG. But you need to tread every referral as more of a filling in a slot. That slot is what you're extending, not the referral itself.

This is all you need to know in order to successfully manage your referrals as a Standard member. You will be getting a profit but it's not going to be amazingly huge. The whole idea of Neobux is long term profitability and to really start making good money, you need to invest a lot of time and/or money and upgrade. Most people don't start cashing out any money until they've reached Ultimate and 3999 referrals. 

I could go more into detail about long term strategy on Neobux and I could also talk about the strategy that a Golden member need to follow in order to make a profit. It's more difficult to earn money as a Golden member then as a Standard member since the margin or error is smaller. But if you manage your account correctly you'll make more money as a Golden member then as a Standard. 
The key to success at Neobux is patience, lots and lots of patience! 

If you like this guide and if you want me to write some parts more focused on upgraded members then tell me and I'll see wha I can do about it.

I'm out!
Amazing guide man! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I had some difficulties understanding the part R. AVG.
Could you please make it simple for me?
I have 143 refs and they have 1915 clicks, I recycled lets say 15 refs. My calculations are not getting to the point.
Thank you again!
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