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MyFreeShares journey 0 0
MyFreeShares journey
Cashed out $37.63 from Myfreeshares last week! Wink
Cashed out $31.27 from Myfreeshares today! Wink
(11-09-2017, 06:31 PM)Jayfinn27 Wrote: Cashed out $31.27 from Myfreeshares today! Wink
I joined MFS as your referral
now i have to learn how to use it
Big Grin Huh Big Grin
Welcome @metrostar76, I suggest you first take a good look at my review while checking the site, it can be helpful.

As for how to use the site, besides doing $0.001 paid to clicks and 0.01 share to clicks every day, also do the contest clicks (you can get $0.10, so it's helpful) and try to accumulate some cash balance and shares to start getting passive income daily. This is the way to go at first couple of weeks even if you want to invest.

PM me when you want to upgrade your account.

Great to have you on the team!
I received another payment, over $22 today. Wink
On my way to next payout, $13 accumulated already! Wink
I received another +$17 payment during December, and again I'm climbing to payout.
Shares average at $0.13 per share right now at the marketplace.
I also received +$6 from Donkeymails in late December.
Join and earn!
Payouts were made today, I didn't get to the threshold this time because of holliday break, but I'm over $2.50, so not much before next payment. Wink
Ready to cash out both at Myfreeshares and Donkeymails again.
You haven't joined?
Check my signature.
My last payment on MFS was over $30.
And yesterday I cashed out again at Donkeymails, over $4. Smile
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