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MyFreeShares journey 0 0
MyFreeShares journey
Closing in on 5th cashout now (should be the day after tomorrow), I now have 17 direct referrals, 9 of which were randomly attributed to me, and have cashed out over $95 to date.

To do so, I have invested twice on Silver membership ($25*2) and once on Gold membership ($50), over the course of 2 months and a half.  Cool

Will update as I go.
Good luck on your journey.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Thanks @Admin.
Remember when I joined here I suggested that you tried the site for yourself.
There's no detailed referral click stats though. But there is a monthly referral contest paying up to $200 to the first place. Wink
I received my fifth payment, $52.30 with no fees to Paypal.
Proof posted in payment proofs section here.
Thanks to my earnings in Myfreeshares, I was able to buy Super Donkey Clicker membership Yearly on DonkeyMails ($80)! Smile
I received my 6th payment from Myfreeshares today, $20 to Paypal!  Wink
[Image: 72076_myfreeshares_170831015915.jpg]
A few days away from another payment, will be processed on the 27th/28th.
I'll post proof here. Wink
Received my 7th payment today, $30 no fees to PayPal!
Can't believe that myfreeshare still has PayPal.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Thanks @Admin! You're welcome to join my team! Wink
All of the group's sites pay with Paypal. CashTravel also pays with Paypal.
I'm guessing it's because they've managed to keep an honest profile, always paying (in the case of MFS group, every 14 days).
Also, I think they have sustainable, long-running business plans, and are not PTC exactly, but PTR (with lots of offerwalls, so GPT?).
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