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MyFreeShares [Old&Legit PTC] 5 1
MyFreeShares [Old&Legit PTC]
up? Big Grin still making a killing on them. Best of the 4, is MFS in my humble opinion Smile
(02-05-2018, 10:22 PM)Bond009 Wrote: Do you really make money with DonkeyMails? I imagined that nobody was using this site anymore...

I got one $1 withdraw and honestly, will get another $1 and leave. Will keep only MFS of the group. Needs something else to prosper properly... Haven't figured out what and ain't gonna have enough time to do them all in the near future, anyways...

MFS is the bomb, tho.

ps: sorry for taking ages to reply... I honestly had forgotten about this thread LOL P O T
Payment from MyFreeShares I did a little while ago.  Cool Forgot to post. hehe  Cool Cool

[Image: image.png]
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