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Multiple revenue opportunities on one platform. 0 0
Multiple revenue opportunities on one platform.
As I know, there are few ways to make money at Arbatao; they are investment, staking, affiliate programs, ICO Comissions & Trading.
Arbitao provides a fully automated arbitrage solution to encryption traders. What does that mean? Initially, traders and investors lost heavy money by choosing the wrong deal. So Arbitero came up with a brilliant tool to deal with the loss. So, if we are an investor we do not have to panic about the wrong choice.
This arbitrage tool automatically selects high price exchange between all exchanges. For example, investors bought a cryptic infringement at a lower rate from the switch. we wants to sell it for profit soon.

Arbitrage Trading Pool
Arbitao offers investors four types of trading pools: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. These pools are categorized by investment, duration and interest rate.
Affiliate Program
To participate in Arbitao's affiliate program, you need to invest in at least one trading pool. As an affiliate, you should not join the ICO yourself. You can profit from three levels of fee.
Payment will be made when the introduced member invests ATAO in one of the pools or purchases ICO from ATAO. As a fee, you can earn 9% at level 1, 6% at level 2 and 3% at level 3.
For more info visit at https://www.arbitao.com
Twitter : https://twitter.com/arbitao
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