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Milenia Finance 3 5
Milenia Finance
About a week ago i joined a HYIP site  Cool https://mileniafinance.biz/index.php

I used the first plan:

8,45 % per hour for 12 hours   Smile

I deposit 1$ from my PM account and after using that plan for few days i reached 1,08$. Then i requested withdraw, my (Milenia Finance) account balance reduced to 0.00$ and i got these two messages to my email:

You have requested to withdraw $1.08.
Request IP address is

Thank you.
Milenia Finance

.... few hours ago ....

$1.08 has been successfully sent to your Perfectmoney account n/a.
Transaction batch is n/a.

Milenia Finance

But of course i didn't get anything Angry . Since then i am sending messages to admin everyday (since they have 24 hours support) but he never responds.

Thanks for reporting this site here.
It will prevent at least few of our members to invest there.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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