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MarketGlory, GoalTycoon and CaveToKingdom 2.91 11
MarketGlory, GoalTycoon and CaveToKingdom
The first game is MargetGlory. This is the first trailer: Video. After two year, the MarketGlory team creates the second game GoalTycoon - Video. The both games are connected - companies, goods and also you can transfer money between the games. The team is starting the third project (game) CaveToKingdom. It will be possible to register November 2015.

It is better first to register in the MarketGlory. After you are logged in you can click on upper-right corner on football ball and this will directly redirect you to the GoalTycoon. In this way your account will be connected between both games.
My referral link in MargetGlory: http://www.marketglory.com/strategygame/embi2010


MarketGlory is an economic, political, social and military simulator in which all the virtual currency can be converted in REAL MONEY!
Each player from the MarketGlory community has the opportunity to: work, set up companies, run for the government, recommend referrals, gain military ranks and build their own organization. The road to success in MarketGlory is achieved through a personal strategy by each player in the community. There is no time limit, some will reach objectives sooner than others. It is important to be present in MarketGlory and develop something that gives you satisfaction in this game. Success is the result of an activity which is based on action and perseverance. In every field of life, those who do not give up will certainly reach all their goals. Therefore, success in MarketGlory can give you a substantial income in real life. Money does not bring happiness, but its quantity does. In life every chance is worth valued at the time. Now you can develop a great opportunity worldwide by MarketGlory and to accomplish all your goals. Many people waste their time on the internet without having won anything; here, with just a few minutes a day, you can manage your business in MarketGlory and learn more about the economy. The MargetGlory does not guarantee that everyone will achieve success, that depends on what strategy each player has in MarketGlory. The MargetGlory team makes sure everything is fair, transparent and with equal opportunities for all users. Each person deserves to know the economic strategies to start his own business in MarketGlory. People everywhere have the opportunity to enjoy MarketGlory and contribute to the development of the system. Thus, you can achieve success both in virtual and real life.


GoalTycoon is an online football manager, in which you can convert your virtual currency into real money. It is a strategy game that relies on the management of a football team. The Manager will be the one that picks the best game strategy, choosing the players, the training strategies and also the financial strategy.
Every user from the GoalTycoon community will have a football team and a club park, which is made out of a stadium, hotel, restaurant, clinic, parking lot, administrative building and training field. The manager will also have a team of advisers that will help him develop his club, giving him information about the necessities of his club park.


After MarketGlory and GoalTycoon, CaveToKingdom, the third project developed by the new department of ESS, is the first 3D strategy game available in a browser-client version. Starting with November 2015, the register section can be accessed, and those who register have the possibility of buying the share packs offered for sale, at prices starting with 1 cent. Also, CaveToKingdom, MarketGlory, and GoalTycoon will be interconnected, and the transfer of funds from CaveToKingdom to MarketGlory and GoalTycoon, as well as the transfer of funds from MarketGlory and GoalTycoon to CaveToKingdom are tax-free. The user becomes the Prince/Princess-without-a-Kingdom and, with the help of two faithful subjects, has the opportunity of building his/her own Kingdom. As he/she progresses in the game, new options are available, and every decision made by the user generates a series of consequences. Meditation, for example, helps with the development of knowledge, which leads to the discovery of new technology, that contributes to the development of the Kingdom. In the same time, the user has the possibility of interacting with the neighbouring kingdoms. With the help of the army, wars can be started, and the defeated kingdoms will pay taxes to those who have won the war. The construction of buildings happens step by step, and each of the required materials is the result of a production process, for which the subjects are responsible. When it comes to wood production, this is brought from the forest by a villager and, after it arrives at the lumbermill, it is transformed into planks. Each villager has the possibility of developing certain skills, and there will be numerous production chains for various types of goods, including weapons. The animals are an important part of the game, too. Every animal has its utility, and the villagers can interact with the animals. Products such as milk or the cheese resulted from it represent the food consumed by the inhabitants. In CaveToKingdom, life seems to run its course - people build houses, roads, castles, they fall in love and have babies, while trees blossom. Nevertheless, the adventure is about to begin! Are you ready?


There are video tutorials every where in the MargetGlory and GoalTycoon. In this topic we can discuss everything for these games.
Thanks for sharing your strategies with us.
we will try them sometime.
Best Regards,
Admin -
I like those games, wish more of them dough
What is Lexington Code Software?
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