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Litecoin faucets for Faucet hub 0 0
Litecoin faucets for Faucet hub
Litecoin has doubled its value overnight (just the day before yesterday it was around $90, and now it's around $170).
So get on the train before claims start getting too low.

I'll start posting Litecoin faucets that work with Faucet Hub here. All of these faucets pay instantly to Faucet Hub unless stated otherwise.
Remember, you need to have an active account at Faucet Hub to earn from these.
Be sure to check new posts for this thread, as I'll add as I go.
Here is the first one:


60 minute timer, bonus to claim for clicking link shortener, around 1000 litoshi per claim (includes bonus), 25% referral earnings.


Another working faucet:


Up to 1000 litoshi, 5 minute timer, 15% referral earnings.

And another one:


Up to 600 satoshi every 5 minutes, 10% referral earnings.

And a fourth one, this one is a bit like freebitcoin since you can earn up to 9600 litoshi. But no timer, you just need to go through the several captchas and popups. 50% referral earnings. Happy claiming, and have a great Saturday, I'm off.

hi this is my favorite faucet they give you bonus with no timer only you there short links for example for lite coin you can withdraw up to 100k per day i earn 50k per day for free


note they pay instant to faucethub
they more than 5 coin there

#another faucet
you can get
1000 litoshi from this every 5 min they tell you in there 10 min but after i calculated i find only 5 min
Thanks for the suggestions yaba,

I tested the second one and it's paying, so I'll be using it.

The first one requires registering more than your litecoin address, so maybe I'll try it some time.

Be sure to also check the faucets I suggested.

Best regards,
1 Litecoin is now worth +$350!
Another paying faucet, several short links paying 300 litoshi right now, plus a roulette (which I haven't tried), ref commissions 20%. Check it:

LTC is at around $245 right now, claim before it rises again!
LTC all the way, my friends.
Faucets are great because there are no strings attached, if one scams you just move on to the next one.
I'll be adding a few more faucets here during the week.
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